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Building on more than 25 years of experience, creating engineered solutions for applications in leisure, lifeboats and pilot boats, workboats and and classic vessels, Stream Marine is a centre of excellence for marine environment HVAC.

Launched as an independent business in 1999, Stream Group was built on a foundation of more than a decade of hard won prior experience in HVAC engineering and associated disciplines including acoustics, electrical and electronics, physical and chemical, and human physiology.
Our philosophy has not changed, except to incorporate the advantages of digital and network-based control and reporting, and as a company we now bring 25 years of specialist engineering solutions experience to the challenges of your comfort cooling and heating requirements.
Based in London, with excellent access to road, rail and air communications we are ready to take on your engineering challenges. Stream Group is also active in the defence environment, construction HVAC, and information technology.

We specialise in integration of the disciplines necessary to resolve today’s challenges. Working within structural engineering constraints, the refrigeration, thermodynamics, acoustics, electrical, controls and human physiological issues are taken into account to produce rugged and powerful systems that return efficient results over time.
We create environments which are conducive to people being able to work at peak and optimum levels. That includes personal focus, effectiveness and safety – so getting the right climate is actually about helping to get the best from people. We also embrace a number of other technology disciplines alongside advanced HVAC, such as acoustics, noise vibration and harshness (NVH), and health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS). This enables us to develop integrated and science-based solutions for extremely challenging operational requirements.
Another area of our work which is applicable to many modern applications is ‘silent’ HVAC and noise management for confined space enclosures, shelters and containers. Our project portfolio includes integrated systems for recording studios – where the air conditioning has to operate effectively, but with no noise intrusion whatsoever. We have also installed systems in listed buildings, where the equipment effectively has to be ‘covert’ to retain the character of the original structure. These and other examples show the capability to think creatively as engineers – and to evolve solutions which can be as unusual and unconventional as they are successful.

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Examples of our work.

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Lord Nelson Tall Ship

Opportunities for all physical abilities.

When Jubilee Sailing Trust needed an HVAC upgrade we worked with them to design, specify, supply and commission the replacement of the chiller system with air handlers, controllers and pumps. We also fitted into their complex schedule and significantly reduced the space used on board.

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Oceancruiser 60c

Chilled Water HVAC system

This brand new blue water cruiser was fitted with a chilled water system and required attention immediately after build. We were able to attend the yacht at short notice in Brittany and identify the complex issues around interaction between the chiller soft start vessels inverter power system.

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Van der Valk Cruiser

Chilled Water HVAC system

This beautiful steel hulled fast yacht had persistent issues with HVAC, which we attended in various Mediterranean ports. Chillers tripped, water flow stopped and other unexpected issues arose. The issue was finally resolved when it became clear that tact and political, not technical, skills were required. It then became possible to find a solution that met the situation.

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Freight Hovercraft

DC rooftop for ultimate simplicity.

Destined for South America, this hovercraft makes light work of ferrying supplies across river delta environments where conventional craft cannot go. To keep the crew operational in severe heat we provided a rugged marinised DC powered rooftop unit, which was taken from concept to delivery in less than three months.

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Van der Valk Cruiser

Chilled Water HVAC system.

This IPS powered fast steel yacht had been neglected and the systems were not performing as expected. We arranged travel to fit the yacht's schedule, surveyed the issues, and rendevous again with the vessel further on the cruise to replace damaged items and return it to good condition.

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Rescue Boat

Integrated design - top performance.

When the RNLI needed a new HVAC system for the new Fast Carriage Boat design, Stream Marine were called in to assist with the very detailed design process. We carried the project through to full completion and are now in the second year of an ongoing relationship supplying the boat builder.

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Historic Dutch Barge

Bespoke chilled water HVAC.

The owner of this delightful historic vessel was looking for luxury, silence and real comfort alongside the ruggedness and efficiency needed on the water. Entirely bespoke fabricated, this system fitted the most improbable spaces on board, and along with our acoustic treatment expertise produced a very low noise system, integrated so well you could easily miss it.

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Gentleman's Motor Yacht

Acoustic analysis and report.

The owner of this classic hull design fast gentleman's yacht looked for the right blend of low noise at cruise, and proper exhaust roar at wide open throttle. Measurements were taken above and below the waterline to establish the sources of unwanted noise, and provision made to mitigate these issues.

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