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Stream Marine is a leader in innovative design of climate control systems. We are passionate about creating value through creative selection and engineering, and are looking for a like minded business development professional in the making to make waves in the UK marine HVAC market. Based in the NW London area, this position will have direct responsibility for sales of product to both existing and target Marine customers.

Benefits: We value our employees dedication and results focused creativity. Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our competitive salary, commission, training and mentoring. We work to enable and elevate our employees, so people that go the extra mile can seriously learn and grow with the company. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to advance your career with a one-of-a-kind company!

• Unwavering customer focus and aptitude for sales
• Ability to develop strong business relationships
• Ability to work proactively and independently
• Excellent communication skills
• Computer literate with a good knowledge of MS Office
• Engineering knowledge is a benefit, however we give comprehensive technical training
• Last, but not least we run a very high-trust culture and 100% integrity is non-negotiable.

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This role involves working alongside and learning from a creative entrepreneur, providing proactive support across a variety of tasks and being prepared to take responsibility for key tasks.​

Key Responsibilities:
• Administrative expertise to implement efficient and effective office systems and processes.
• Identify and qualify potential customers
• Close sales and retain customers long term
• Liaising with suppliers, customers and associates.

​ Key Skills and Experience:
• Excellent all-round communication skills.
• Understanding of business process.
• High level of computer literacy, including MS Excel, Outlook, Word.
• Attention to detail and precision in output.
• Exceptional manners both over the phone and face to face.
• Respectful and trustworthy when dealing with sensitive information.​
• Marketing experience

This part time role will suit a keen able committed candidate looking for experience and training.​ This is a great opportunity to come into a growing company where you can make an impact on how the business moves forward.​ You need to be a self-starter who can use initiative to get done what needs to be done without constant instruction.​ If you have the motivation, skills and experience required, please apply today.​

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We are always looking for talent, and particularly in the area of communications, software, acoustic, thermodynamic, electrical and fluid engineering and (last but definitely not least) marketing the solutions these disciplines produce.

If you think your CV, ambition or achievements are just too good not to be employed here then send us a mail. Tell us why we'd be crazy not to hire you.

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